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Automotive Tuning Culture Documentary We Are Driven is a documentary film that has been 2 years in the making. From the East, to the West, Chicago, New England, Atlanta, Maryland, and more. In this documentary you will learn what it really takes to build a car, and all of the passion and struggles that go into it. You will get an inside look at the history of CANIBEAT, an inside look at the WEKFEST event series, hear from photographers, shop owners, and those that truly live by a eat, sleep, cars lifestyle. All interviews were recorded in real environment and not in a studio. This documentary sounds best through most sound systems. Laptop speakers, cheap earbuds, and basic tv speakers may make it sound a little weak. The idea of We Are Driven first started in late 2011. We originally had planned on making a "demo reel" for 2011 and my friend said to me "You should make something different, and interview some of the people involved in the car scene." From there we decided to completely put the idea on pause for a year and a half, and tried to gain as much inside information from some of the top names in the game today. We thank all of our subscribers, anyone who has supported us in any way, shape, or form. If you shared a video, liked a video, liked our page, commented, anything. That is what has kept us going!Chapters:Introduction - 0:01Darren Balico & Chicago - 1:39Dave NJ & Club Loose Drifting - 7:10Interlude #1: Driver Profiles, EuroVision Body Shop - 14:16Phenomenal Vinyl - 16:50Ernesto Sarmiento Jr / WEKFEST - 22:01Interlude #2: FlipzCo - 25:15JDS Motoring - 27:07Interlude #3: Al Norris Photography - 32:42Cristian Loza / CANIBEAT & First Class Fitment - 35:40Interlude #4: Theft, Photography, Profiles - 40:50Jay Martinez / Tuner Evolution - 43:19Outro Montage - 49:55Credits & Soundtrack - 57:25If you enjoyed what you saw, and would like to own a hardcopy DVD w/ bonus features, and a 10% off coupon to Trill Vinyl, a sticker company, please head over to wearedrivenfilm.comIf you enjoyed what you saw, and would like to make a donation to help us fly to Japan to film the scene over there this October, please head over to https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr...Soundtrack: SUPPORT THESE ARTISTS!Interlude Backgrounds: Coldplay - Princess of China (HANSEL THORN Trap Remix)Darren Balico & Chicago - Telepopmusik - Don't Look Back (TANNER CALDWELL Remix)Dave NJ & Club Loose Drifting - Blackmill - Oh Miah / Don't Let Me DownPhenomenal Vinyl - 1 Mile North - Life IndoorsErnesto Sarmiento Jr / WEKFEST - Airia - PF FlyersJDS Motoring - Bedrockk - FOREVACristian Loza / CANIBEAT & First Class Fitment - Nechausov RT - Drown In YouJay Martinez / Tuner Evolution - N0ms - Ode To FantasyOutro Montage - MONO - Everlasting LightCredits & Soundtrack - MONO - The Sky Remains The Same As Ever Film Duration: 58 min
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