About The Story of Skinhead with Don Letts
What is it you typically think of when you hear the word skinhead? Violence, intolerance, hatred? This image was born in the 1970’s when this youth driven subculture earned a reputation for trouble on the streets and football terraces, not to mention a toxic association with racism but this is not how the movement started.In this film we see British DJ Don Letts explore the evolution of skinhead and how it has become associated with such troublesome social viewpoints. Don reveals the true roots of skinhead and presents them in fascinating detail, we are shown how it is more of a brilliant cultural combination of young white working-class kids and their Jamaican counterparts from the British inner cities, a brief moment of multicultural harmony.Don starts from the beginning which was in the late 60’s traces the skinheads path to the present day, examining the music, clothes and culture as a whole, meeting up with several people who were heavily involved in the skinhead scene.
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