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Halfway between Austrailia and Hawaii in the middle of a seemingly endless pacific ocean we find a chain of islands that together form the nation of the Marshall Islands. Spread over 2 million square kilometres in the central pacific lie the Marshall Islands, a scattering of more than 1,000 islands and islets and few people have heard of Enewetak but it is the ground zero of US nuclear testing in the pacific.This particular chain of islands is extremely remote and full of beauty but this beauty hides a dark, dirty secret. The US detonated 43 atomic bombs around the island chain in the 1940s and 50s and four of Enewetak’s 40 islands were completely vaporised by the tests. Enewetak’s population had been re-located to another island in the Marshalls ahead of the tests and they weren’t allowed to return for 30 years.When leaving the islands America simply buried any radioactive waste left over and covered it with an 18 inch thick dome. However, now the sea is rising and the dome appears to be leaking and the men who tried to clean it up are dying. 
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