About The Colony: Chile’s Dark Past Uncovered
Deep in the foothills of a marvellous mountain range set in a beautiful landscape of low forested hills and fast flowing rivers is a small community of Germans who have lived there for the last 50 years. But this place is not Germany or even Europe and those mountains are not the Alps but instead the Andes in central Chile, today this place is known as Villa Baviera but most people still call it by it’s original name, Colonia Dignidad, the dignity colony.Behind this idyllic facade hides a place where unspeakable things have happened, it is a place where sexual abuse did not only just occur but it was in fact organised and practiced, a place coined as a pedophile’s paradise. The residents here have revealed horrifying stories of child abuse, forced labour, torture and killings.This is the story of how a secret German sect in Chile become a haven for Nazi fugitives and a torture centre for the Pinochet regime.
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