About Predator CSI - Zombie Alligators
Lake Griffin, Florida. A killer is on the loose, striking some of the states oldest inhabitants. American Alligators, up to fifteen feet long and 1,000 pounds, thrash sporadically at the surface of the lake. Dozens swim around and around in circles, disoriented, while others clamber out of the lake dragging their back legs behind them. Still more float belly up, unable to right themselves. The unmistakable stench of death fills the air. A crack team of leading experts and scientists is hastily assembled but none of them expect what lies ahead.This documentary and the chain of events that were uncovered has global repercussions for humanity and is a clue into the alarming increase in brain degenerative disease, autoimmune disorders and allergies to food across the world. When alligators in Lake Griffin, Florida starting drowning by the hundreds in the 1990s, the Fisheries Dept discovered that mankind's use of heavy metal chemicals around the lake started a chain reaction that contaminated their food chain, ultimately inhibiting Vitamin B production and caused a tiny portion of the alligator's brain to degenerate - they forgot how to swim. This story gives us insight and clues into today's increase in degenerative diseases as a result of the same toxicity mankind is exposed to with the increase in synthetic proteins, genetic engineering and heavy metals in the food we all eat, the vaccinations we inject directly into the bloodstream and in the air we breath. What happens when we introduce these foreign and man-made chemical structures at the start of our food chain and at the beginning of human life? What do toxic chemicals do to our carefully balanced mix of enzymes and chemicals in our human physiology? For a creature that pre-dates mankind, this National Geographic documentary is an extraordinary look at what affect our modern technology and its unforeseen consequences can have on our long term health.Film Duration: 47 min
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