About Hunt for Manchester’s Serial Killer
There has been a lot of speculation lately surrounding the concept of there being a serial killer on the loose in the city Manchester in the United Kingdom. This hypothetical serial killer has been dubbed “The Pusher” by the media on account of there having been over 60 cases of people drowning in the canals of Manchester since February 2008 and because this number is so incredibly high many have been left questioning whether or not these deaths were indeed accidents or rather the work of a killer who is deliberately targeting people and pushing them into the canals.In this short documentary by Gary from the YouTube channel Curiosity, we get a closer look at the mystery which surrounds these deaths and in an attempt to find “The Pusher”, Gary himself decides to venture out on a lone search along the canals of Manchester armed only with his camera.See more on Gary’s website: www.curiosityuk.net
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