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The images in this video are quite graphic, and may be disturbing to some of our viewers. Presented in its entirety, in this hard hitting documentary, producer and professional dentist, Dr. David Kennedy, travels to China with his wife Betty at the invitation of the Shenyang Medical School, and visits villages where skeletal and dental fluorosis have ravaged whole village populations. Local water supplies have been discovered to contain significant levels of natural fluoride contaminant, some as high as the legal limit allowed in the United States by the Environmental Protection Agency.Fluorosis is also observed in large areas where hydrogen fluoride is emitted into the air from coal burning electrical plants and when crops such as corn are dehydrated over a hibachi. However the injuries depicted in this documentary are entirely from natural fluoride in drinking water. The Chinese researchers had noted that in high fluoride areas the economy was distressed and that most adults developed skeletal fluorosis by the age of 40. Farm animals were also observed with reduced fertility and productivity.Villagers were unable to efficiently farm and provide for their families. Adults became a burden to the next generation and poverty was rampant. Though fluoride damage is generally permanent in the human body, in this video we see the results of the de-fluoridation program conducted in several of those areas that were affected. Pain among the fluoride crippled was dramatically reduced, and dental fluorosis in children was reduced as well. In 1976, G. Hongxin, with the Chinese Department of Endemic Disease Control and G. Dai, with researchers from the China Medical University, Shenyang, reviewed the history of chronic endemic fluorosis and extensive crippling skeletal fluorosis in China. They identified fluoride from well water as the most probable cause of the extensive tooth, bone, and joint damage, in the residents of over 1026 counties in 28 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities and began a systematic program of water de-fluoridation.Simply reducing the fluoride levels in drinking water to 0.5-1.0 ppm resulted in an overall improvement in health. However, 37.8% of resident children had still developed visible dental fluorosis with some severe mottling of the teeth while consuming water in the villages with 1 part per million residual fluoride in drinking water. Fluorosis is a permanent scaring of the tooth enamel that cannot be reversed. Adult villagers with stage 3 and 4 skeletal fluorosis reported a significant reduction in pain and increased mobility after de-fluoridation had been instituted. Though improved, their condition could not be reversed. The CDEDC estimated that 25 million Chinese people suffered from dental fluorosis and 1.25 million from skeletal fluorosis caused by excess fluoride in their drinking water alone.FAN has also recently reported on multiple Chinese studies that have pointed toward reduced IQ among children in villages whose fluoride levels were elevated. Studies in other countries are beginning to strongly and statistically confirm the Chinese research. The producer of this video, David C. Kennedy, DDS, has practiced dentistry for more than 30 years. He is the Past President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, which was formed to review, support, and disseminate research on the suitability of materials and methodologies used in the practice of dentistry.Dr. Kennedy is currently the Information Officer on fluoride for the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. He has lectured to dentists, physicians and other health professionals all over the world on the subjects of preventive dental health, mercury toxicity, and fluoride. He is the author of the book, "How To Save Your Teeth With Toxic Free Preventive Dentistry," that provides instruction and insight for both professionals and the layman on how to provide and receive toxic-free dentistry.This acclaimed video has been viewed all over the world, both in Europe and in Asia. Dr. Kennedy has written and produced videos extensively on the toxicology of dental materials and practices, including fluoride and mercury amalgams. Now retired, he has been the past president of the International Academy of Oral Medicine, and remains a consultant and dental expert. He continues to work closely with the IAOMT.
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