About 9/11 - Phone Calls from the Towers
Documentary exploring the recordings of telephone calls made by people who were trapped in the World Trade Centre during the terrorist attacks in September, 2001. The programme examines previously unheard audio files, home films and testimonies from the victims' relatives, who reveal how the messages have helped them cope with the deaths of their loved ones. Featuring a call by Jim Gartenberg, who stayed on the telephone with his pregnant wife until the towers collapsed, and a businessman who left a message for his mother
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Our leaders have told us that the war on terror may last a hundred years, a new kind of war, against a shadowy enemy that can never be defeated. Generation after generation will have to lay down its liberty in an endless war for global empire The evil men who rise to power know well that terrorism i...

My Trip To Al-Qaeda

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The events of 9/11 left a nation in shock. The devastation that occurred on that day lives in the heart of each American. The country, paralyzed with questions, tried to heal and rationalize the complexity of such an atrocity. One man followed his personal questioning and took actions that led him o...
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